Khawar Islam

Khawar Islam

Research Scientist-Computer Vision

COREMAX, Seoul, South Korea

About Me

My name is Khawar Islam. I am working as a Research Scientist-Computer Vision at COREMAX, Seoul, South Korea, working on Cutting-edge AI Research on image classification, object detection and segmentation tasks. I received my MS degree from Sejong University, advised by Prof. Hyeonjoon Moon. Before joining COREMAX, I was a student researcher at CVPR Lab, working on deep learning research for sewer defect classification, image compression, face recognition and vision transformer.

PhD Plan (In Future): I am aiming to work on learning with noisy labels, data augmentation methods, contrastive learning, etc. In addition, I have also conducted extensive researches on face recognition, person search, person re-identification and vision transformer.

If you have any query, please drop me an email: My Email


  • Continual Learning
  • Contrastive Learning
  • Vision Transformer
  • Semi-Supervised Learning


  • M.S in Computer Science and Engineering, 2022

    Sejong University, Seoul, South Korea

    GPA: 4.25/4.5


  • Mar. 2022: I joined the AI Research Team at COREMAX, Seoul, South Korea as a Applied Research Scientist - Computer Vision, working on Cutting-edge AI Research on Self-Supervised learning for images.
  • Feb. 2022: 2 survey papers submitted into IJCAI 2022.
  • Jan. 2022: I will be serving as a conference reviewer for ICPR 2022.
  • Jan. 2022: 1 paper submitted into ICPR 2022.

Work Experience


Applied Research Scientist - Computer Vision

COREMAX, Seoul, South Korea

Mar 2022 – Present Seoul, South Korea
Cutting-edge AI Research on self-supervised learning for images.
Research by following updates via channels such as Twitter, Reddit, Arxiv, and conferences such as NeurIPS, ICLR, ICML, CVPR, ICCV and ECCV.

Student Researcher

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Lab

Mar 2020 – Feb 2022 Seoul, South Korea
I proposed a new SOTA method that were published in CVPRw hosted by Google Research.
I worked on face recognition problem with limited data and resources with Prof. Hyeonjoon Moon.

Deep Learning Engineer (Research Associate)

NUCES-FAST, Video Surveillance Lab

May 2019 – Dec 2019 Karachi, Pakistan
I performed research and development to solve missing children problems across the country.
I have developed age-invariant face recognition system with iOS mobile application.

Research Assistant

Information System Research Group, FUUAST

Aug 2018 – Feb 2018 Karachi, Pakistan
I developed Roman Urdu to Urdu language translator with Prof. Kamran Ahsan.
I reviewed manuscript and submitted into suitable journals for publication.

iOS Software Engineer


Mar 2017 – July 2018 Karachi, Pakistan
I am proficient with Swift, and experience with iOS frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, etc.
I have experience with offline storage using Realm, threading, and performance tuning.

Technical Writer

Tutlane Private Limited

Feb 2016 – Sep 2016 Hyderabad, India
Organized the topics in sequential manner for readers and developers.
I wrote image-based articles to give understanding for junior developers.

iOS Design & Development Intern

Avialdo Solution

Feb 2015 – Mar 2015 Karachi, Pakistan
I worked on Objective-C and some frameworks such as AVFoundation, etc.
Learn UI concepts and collaborate with a team lead for daily tasks.

Academic Activities



Mentorship Session: Attendee

  • Yingzhen Li, Mentor at (ICML), Imperial College London
  • Evan Shelhamer, Mentor at (ICML), DeepMind, Google)
  • Wei-Lun (Harry) Chao’s, Mentor at (ICLR), Ohio State University
  • Shakir Mohamed, Mentor at (ICLR), DeepMind, Google
  • Emmanuel Kahembwe, Mentor at (ICLR), VDE(UK & Ireland).


  • AI Deep Group on Facebook, 23.2K Members
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine and Deep learning Group, 196.9K Members
  • Deep Learning and Machine Learning, 88.7K Members
  • Thailand Deep Learning, 15.7K Members
  • Computer Vision, 95.8K Members.
  • Computer Vision and Machine Learning, 14.4K Members

Volunteer Experience

Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems (NeurIPS)

Technical Volunteer, Dec 2021.

Review the website, support speakers and participants with technical issues. Monitored for inappropriate content, this will help everyone have a pleasant experience.

International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI)

Technical Volunteer, Aug 2021.

Monitoring the Rocket-Chat help-desk channel and Poster verification.

International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML)

Technical Volunteer, July 2021.

To test invited talk sessions from the schedule, Expo, Sponsor Halls, Navigation System.Test functionalities on the Papers page, Posters Sessions, Workshops and Tutorials.

International Conference on Learning Representations (ICLR)

Technical Volunteer, May 2021.

The task is to help and test the website and other systems used for the conference. I have also monitored Rocket-Chat help-desk channel and solve participants issues.

IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR)

Student Volunteer, June 2021.

Note down the timings of workshops and tutorials and send to Conference Organizers.

Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)

Technical Volunteer, Feb 2021.

Monitoring the Rocket-Chat help-desk channel and Poster verification. I have tested and gave feedback on the virtual GatherTown website.

Selected Publications

Please see my Google Scholar for the complete publication list.

Face Pyramid Vision Transformer

[BMVC 2022] We introduce a simple yet effective optimized approach, O-PVT for general and age-invariant face recognition.

Video-based Person Re-Identification: A Survey

[IJCAI 2022 (Under Review)] This paper presents a comprehensive review on global appearance, local part alignment methods, graph learning, attention and transformer model.

Deep Learning for Image Compression: A Survey of State-of-the-Arts Methods, Datasets and Loss Functions

[IJCAI 2022 (Under Review)] It covers several major aspects, including technical roadmap and outstanding milestones, recent entropy models, specific backbones, and loss functions for ImgCoMP networks.

Image Compression with Recurrent Neural Network and Generalized Divisive Normalization.

[CVPRw 2021] In this paper, two effective novel blocks are developed: analysis and synthesis block that employs the convolution layer and Generalized Divisive Normalization (GDN) in the variablerate encoder and decoder side..

Face Recognition Using Shallow Age-Invariant Data

[IVCNZ 2021] We investigate the performance of SOTA models on different metrics learning approaches. .

Person Search: New paradigm of Person Re-Identification: Outlook of Recent Works

[Image and Vision Computing, Elsevier, 2020] Person Search (PS) has become a major field because of its need in community and in the field of research among researchers.

Honors & Awards